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Channel Letters:

When it comes to customer facing advertising methods on your storefront, a quality, vibrant, and properly sized set of channel letters cannot be beat!

What is a channel letter?

Simply put, a channel letter is a three dimensional letter that is made up of 4 common parts.

  1. The Face – The front or outward facing part of the letter. The face is usually made from acrylic, which is a type of highly durable plastic, and can even be over laid with different types of vinyls to present different colors and reveals of light.
  2. The Backer – A backer is an identical twin to the face in shape. However, backing material is usually made from aluminum and painted to be more weather and rust resistant.
  3.  The Return – This is the “bridge” or “channel” material that gives the letter face it’s depth and dimension. Size, lighting options, and the structural integrity of the letter determine it’s depth but a common depth for a letter is 2” – 5”. Returns are most often painted or powder coated to either contrast or match the color theme that is trying to be achieved by the design.
  4. Trim Cap – Made from a high grade plastic, trim cap fastens the face material to the return. Trim cap can be ordered in a variety of colors and is usually thought of as a “stroke” around the letter and thus used to contrast the face color or the existing surface to which the letters will be mounted to.

Can channel letters be illuminated?

Absolutely! Illumination is a must this and age of advertising. Depending on local sign ordinances, lighting can be employed in many different styles, colors, and reveal types. From the classic hum and soft glow of traditional bent neon or the modern low wattage and high lumen LED, illumination is a guaranteed way to get your sign noticed. Ask our sales team what lighting and control options are best for your application.

How will my business’ channel letters be mounted?

There are two ways to mount channel letters to the facade of a building and we strongly suggest checking with the property owner before you decide on a type of mounting method if you lease your business space.

  1. Individually mounted – This method uses the building as an anchor point and if illuminated, power is routed through the facade for each letter.

  2. Raceway mounted – A “raceway” is a box typically employed in instances when signage needs to be easily removed such as leased tenant buildings. The set of channel letters are fastened to the raceway and power in the case of illuminated letters is routed from the letters, into the raceway where the transformer is mounted, and then a whip is sent into the facade of building. This method results in only one hole that is drilled into the building for power and a limited amount of anchoring bolts compared to individually mounted letters.